About Siyomac Shipping Agencies


Leaving your requirements to a responsible and trustworthy partner, who controls your shipments 24/7, bearing all stakeholders in mind.

Siyomac Shipping is one of the reputed, leading Shipping Agents in Colombo Sri Lanka, licensed by Government of Sri Lanka and being a member of Ceylon Association of Ships Agents (CASA) to provide comprehensive agency services not limited to Container Liner but extend to handle tramp such as Break Bulk, RORO, Tankers, Passenger, Yachts and also husbandry services.

Apart, Siyomac Shipping also ready to provide quality Freight and Logistics solution at competitive prices fulfill the Customer requirement in a manner it is necessary.

We continuously strive to maintain the standards & reliability of our service through continuous improvement, sustained growth and corporate excellence through meaningful training of our dedicated & committed ground staff by professionally qualified and well experienced Senior Management & staff.

Efficiency, planning & better co-ordination is vital component to deliver services / supplies on a 24/7/365 basis.